The “Gossip Girl” Reboot Trailer Is Packed With Amazing Hair and Makeup — See Photos


Zoya, the seemingly shy and sweet new girl, will definitely be serving us a healthy plate of hair inspiration throughout the season, if the looks in this trailer are anything to go by. She appears first in loose, elegnat waves with a green scarf tied up like a headband (hmm, almost seems lile a tribute to Blair Waldorf, no?) and later on serves a full crown of stunning curls, a braided ponytail that extends all the way down to her butt, and a middle-parted pin-straight blowout paired with luminous gold eye makeup.


And those are just the looks from two characters — there are nine main cast members in this friggin’ show. Our heads are spinning just thinking about how many looks we’ll have to copy (and write about) once this show starts streaming on July 8.

You can watch the entire trailer above — just prepare yourself for drama, sex, internet stalking, boyfriend-stealing… well, you know the drill.

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