Scherri-Lee Biggs recalls scandalous night at Camilla Franks’ house

Recently ‘fired!’ Celebrity Apprentice star Scherri-Lee Biggs has dished the dirt on one of the cast’s wild afterparties at Camilla Franks’ Woollahra home.

Speaking on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa this morning, the Channel 9 weather presenter, who was sent packing by Lord Alan Sugar in last night’s episode, shared the hilarious misadventure which unfolded when she brought a first date along to one of the Kaftan Queens’ bashes.

On the night in question, which involved a host of other big names along with Celebrity Apprentice contestants, can confirm, Biggs was shocked to discover her date hitting it off with another guest.

Much to the 30-year-old model’s surprise, he ended up ditching her for a man he met in the star-studded crowd.

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Recalling the night on air this morning, Biggs teased that the party “caused a bit of drama”, which prompted fellow Celebrity Apprentice contestant Wippa to probe her on the events of the night.

“The night you went back there, hadn’t you been on a date beforehand?” he asked, laughing.

Revealing that she had, Wippa added: “Can you tell everybody what went wrong with that date?”

Reluctantly, Biggs then revealed her date ended up “hooking up” with someone else at the party, with Wippa elaborating: “The twist was it was another bloke.”

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Gobsmacked, co-host Fitzy weighed-in: “Are you telling me he left you on the date and hooked up with another guy?” calling it a “bold move” when Biggs further revealed he left soon after the party pash with the male guest.

“Did it seem like he was into other guys when you were on this date?” asked Fitzy.

“No, not at all. I was quite impressed by that stage and then it ended like that … But he was a nice bloke!” Biggs responded.

As it transpired, Biggs and her date had actually kissed earlier in the night, too, with the model joking that she “wasn’t sloppy seconds”.

According to Wippa, the mystery party guest who caught her date’s attention is someone “with a profile” in the entertainment industry.

“The is my favourite story to come out of Celebrity Apprentice,” the comedian joked as Biggs confessed to “blushing through the phone”.

The same wild party has been the source of whispers among the Celebrity Apprentice cast already, with former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis reportedly showing up an hour late to her video editing the next day.

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