Samantha Armytage reveals why she left Sunrise on new podcast

Samantha Armytage has opened up about her decision to leave Sunrise earlier this year.

The 44-year-old sensationally left her role on the Channel 7 breakfast program in March after eight years at the helm.

It was widely reported that Armytage, who had co-hosted the show alongside David Koch from 2013, left to settle down with her husband Richard Lavender, 60, whom she married in the Southern Highlands in December.

But on her new podcast in collaboration with Stellar, Something To Talk About with Samantha Armytage, she insisted it had nothing to do with her decision, telling her guest Kyle Sandilands that she had had enough of being “analysed” and “belted to death” by the media during her stint on-air.

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“There were many, many reasons,” Armytage began.

“But one of the reasons, was that I thought the fun wasn’t there anymore because anything I said – and I was the lightning rod for the show at that point – anything I said was analysed and I was getting beaten to death by the bloody Daily Mail.

“You just think, ‘Is life worth this?”’ she added.

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Armytage then asked Sandilands if criticism affects him in his role as the shock jock of Australian radio, to which he gave a somewhat surprising response.

“Yeah, it does,” Sandilands began.

“I’m aware of it out there and I used to read it all the time.”

Announcing her decision to leave live on-air back in March, a teary Armytage said: “The time has come for the sun to set on my time at Sunrise. I have always been very brave and fearless in my life and my career and this decision is no different.

She added: “As many of you know, my personal life the last six months has been very bittersweet. Some bits have been very happy and some bits have been very, very sad and I want to step out of this public world for a while, take some time and calm things down, enjoy a bit of slow living and spend some time with my precious family and husband and Banjo (her dog).”

Channel 7 said in a statement at the time that Armytage would remain with the network and return with new projects.

“We wish Sam nothing but the very best for her break and look forward to announcing some exciting new projects for her in late 2021 and into 2022,” Seven West Media managing director and chief executive officer James Warburton said.

Armytage was replaced by Sunrise newsreader, Natalie Barr.

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