Rhiannon Giddens Offers Mini-Audio Memoir Through Audible Collaboration


In the July 22 episode of ‘Words Plus Music’ series, the ‘I’m On My Way’ star will share a recap of her life and career with a brief introduction from acclaimed producer T Bone Burnett.

Country star Rhiannon Giddens is giving fans a mini recap of her life and career in a new audio memoir.

The “I’m on My Way” star has been tapped to feature on the next installment of streaming platform Audible’s “Words + Music” series, in which artists share their stories and offer up special musical performances.

The July 22 episode, titled “To Balance on Bridges”, features a brief introduction from acclaimed producer T Bone Burnett, who also serves as a member of Audible’s Emerging Voices Advisory Board, and it was her old pal who convinced Giddens to take part in the franchise.

However, she refuses to call it an autobiography.

“I would never think about writing an autobiography, unless it was just a music book where I use my experience to illuminate songs,” the singer told Variety.

“This in particular was pushed by the music, and then what am I going to say about those songs? Why am I picking them, and what are the pieces of my life that are relevant to those pieces? And so that’s how it was driven…,” she explained.

“I’m never interested in telling my story unless it feeds a larger point that I’m trying to make, just about some of the stuff that I’ve been working on for the last 15 years.”

And Giddens really enjoyed the experience of recording for the “Words + Music” project. “This has been a great process, and Audible is a really stellar group of people who made the process as easy as possible for me to get it done,” she shared.

“It’s just been a delight from beginning to end, other than the actual writing, which, you know, made me want to pull all of my hair out sometimes. But they couldn’t do anything about that, but everything else, they made a breeze.”

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