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No need to tamp down your theatrical side on Monday, May 31, Pisces—that facet of your personality you rarely unfurl (but when you do, look out world!). That day, your ruler, otherworldly Neptune, in Pisces air-kisses feisty Mars in your flamboyant fifth house, granting you cosmic permission to put on a show. Start with wardrobe. This is a day for cosplay in your closet, so have some fun. Whether you’re the talent being promoted or touting one of your pals or projects, you’re poised to drum up sincere support.

If this is more of a business move, you can grow your customer base at an exponential rate. The secret lies in turning solo ventures into mutually beneficial partnerships. So whatever your pitch, rather than make it about you, emphasize what others stand to gain by enrolling. It’s not hard for your gentle sign to stay modest, which is the perfect M.O. for this transit. If there are any “dues” to be paid, settle up quickly and fairly. Just don’t relinquish too much power. Even if you’re not 100 percent confident in your decision or direction, it’s worth testing the waters. No need to opinion-poll your inner circle before every step. Of course, just before you go big on anything, it’s worth checking in with your most trusted advisers for a little “neutral-third-party” input.

On Wednesday, vixen Venus joins fellow lovebird Mars in Cancer and your amorous, glamorous fifth house, upping the ante in the game of love. Single Fish won’t have a problem nibbling if the bait is dangled. Just come out from under that coral reef and into the open water. (In other words, stop playing so hard to get!) Yet even as you’re swimming laps in the dating pool, keep your standards high—and expectations realistic enough to not set you up for disappointment. You’re a prize catch, so act like it. Treat yourself the way you’d like to be treated by a date: Buy flowers, make (or go out for) a nice dinner and be kind and complimentary to yourself.

Venus can also inspire a style refresh, whether involving retail therapy, beauty treatments or a shiny blowout. Every morning during this luminous four-week cycle, spend a little extra time getting dressed and doing your “toilette,” prioritizing self-pampering and making yourself feel like a red-carpet denizen. Attached? Don’t hold back your feelings—or expressing them. Of course you both “know,” but it’s special to hear the words and see the love in action!

Regardless of your relationship status, Thursday’s stars make you an easy target for Cupid as Venus gets into alignment with lucky Jupiter! If you are currently swimming solo, this rare trine is extra auspicious. Let it motivate you to dress up and flirt and mingle like the good old (pre-COVID) days. If you catch a vibe from someone intriguing, run with it! “Random” run-ins percolate with so much promise this week that it’s worth following a hunch about introducing yourself with a direct message on social media—and definitely dating apps. Attached? Do something outsized and wildly romantic, or just not in your usual playbook. There’s a reason variety is life’s favorite spice!

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