Lush has launched on asos 😱 : LushCosmetics

I’m still miffed at the Kitchen Box being used to advertise this collaboration.

I am intrigued to know how these sets will be packaged though and if there will be any asos branding on them. Have had a quick look and the prices seem better value overall than the gift sets on the Lush site (appreciate those have pretty packaging though). If you’re able to use e.g. student or other discounts, and have the free delivery then it’s certainly cheaper to buy through asos now if you’re after those particular products or want to try smaller versions.

I agree this doesn’t sit well with the general Lush ethos but it is a very savvy way for them to make the mega bucks…

Being a more ethical choice certainly legitimised additional spending on self-care items throughout the pandemic for me so if Lush are happy to sell out then perhaps I need to reassess my motivation for buying from them.

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