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Luxury handbags are one of every girl’s favorite toys as they not only amp your style game, but also exude an air of class and refinement. Whatever your personal style may be––casual, chic, bohemian, trendy––there are different types of designer handbags that would be perfect for some weekend fun.

It’s okay to dream a little before finding the right occasion to offer yourself a beautiful handbag so our editors have brought you a selection of trendy and classic designer handbags that are sure to fit into your look, no matter what’s on your itinerary. Why go for a designer piece? We can all agree that it is better to invest in a fabulous handbag that gives you value for your money and is sure to last a good while.

If these bags have the power to make the eyes pop, they also have the power to elevate your ‘slay sauce‘ as you continue to build a wardrobe that is truly representative of your most stylish self.

Shop our Editor’s picks of affordable designer handbags for the weekend…

#1. Bottega Veneta Leather Coin Purse

Shop here.

#2. Cult Gaia Eos Bauble Acrylic Box Clutch

Shop here.

#3. Alexander Wang Yellow Medium Rhinestone Heiress Bag

Shop here.

#4. Marc Jacobs Grey & Yellow ‘The Snapshot’ Bag

Shop here.

#5. Saint Laurent Le K YSL-Plaque Leather Coin Purse

Shop here.

#6. Boyy Fred 19 Leather Handbag Designer Handbags

Shop here.

#7. Palm Angels Green Padlock Bag

Shop here.

#8. Cult Gaia Valeska Leather Tote

Shop here.

#9. Marc Jacobs The Uptown Leather Satchel

Shop here.

#10. By Far Fiona Crushed-Velvet Tote

Shop here.

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