Lisa Wilkinson blasts Prince Andrew on the Project

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’re most likely very aware of the impact Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had on the royal family and their followers.

From stepping down as senior royals, to publicly blasting the family in tell-all interviews, there hasn’t been a moment go by that they haven’t been in the headlines.

Most recently, the birth of their daughter Lilibet Diana has made the news, today serving up beef between Harry and the BBC, who have claimed that he did not seek approval from the Queen for using her nickname.

The Sun reported that the row started when a Palace source told the BBC the Sussexes “never asked” Her Majesty about using her childhood nickname.

Harry then hit back just 90 minutes later saying his grandmother was “supportive” of his choice of name and the couple wouldn’t have used it if this wasn’t the case.

During Thursday night’s episode of The Project, the issue was brought up.

But it was Lisa Wilkinson’s comment that had everyone in agreement: all this Meghan and Harry news is the best thing to ever happen to Prince Andrew.

Before #Megxit was a thing, Prince Andrew was splashed in every news headline for his close friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“Who knows what the truth is in this story,” Wilkinson began, discussing the name of Harry and Meghan’s newborn. “All I do know is how much Prince Andrew would be loving the oxygen this ridiculous story is taking up right now.”

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While it seems like Prince Andrew’s involvement in the late Epstein’s sex trafficking ring has been pushed to the side, he was recently stripped of 50 patronages.

The Telegraph stated that some felt it was “no longer appropriate” to continue their public associations with him.

Others are said to have expressed a desire to find someone “better suited” to their aims and values.

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A spokesperson for the Duke of York declined to comment on the report.

Andrew was accused by one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Giuffre, of having sex with her twice when she was 17.

He has strongly denied all accusations and has kept a low profile since being forced out of the spotlight.

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