Kyrie Irving reacts to James Harden injury: “We’re gonna feel his loss no matter what”

Photo: Alonzo Adams/USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn Nets were able to weather the storm after missing James Harden with a hamstring injury during Game 1 of the series vs. Milwaukee.

After the game, Kyrie Irving claimed the Nets will miss Harden ‘no matter what’. Brooklyn saw several key role players stepping up in Game 1 with Mike James, Joe Harris and Blake Griffin have a crucial role in the Nets’ win.

With Harden out due to a hamstring injury, the Nets will play without their top creator in the offensive end as the former Rockets’ superstar averages almost 11 assists per game.

Harden had missed 18 games for the Nets this season due to a similar strain on his hamstring. Game 2 of the series is set to begin on Monday.

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