Kyle Sandilands angers fans with his $16k overdue parking fines

Kyle Sandilands has angered some of his fans after confessing that he has more than $16,000 in unpaid parking fines.

While he and his co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson make millions each year to host the hit KIIS FM radio show, some listeners weren’t appreciative of his bragging.

Speaking on Wednesday, the shock-jock made the shock admission.

“Sometimes I get away with parking, I’ve seen it with my own eyes,” Kyle said as he chatted to his manager and good friend Bruno Bouchet.

Bruno admitted that some rangers wouldn’t bother fining Kyle because they know he won’t pay the fine.

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“There are a number of rangers who will never book you … they’re good people, fans of the show and know it’s more hassle than worth to book you anyway,” Bruno said.

Kyle said he just outright refuses to buy a ticket when needed.

“I never buy a ticket, I say f**k the local council, I’m not paying you $4, screw yourself!” Kyle explained.

The trio then added up the figures, with Kyle saying he had 18 fines for “parking continuously longer than indicated” in a zone, which added up to $2088.

For disobeying a stop sign 25 times, Kyle owes $5675.

For stopping in a loading zone 42 times, he has to pay back a total of $8148.

The bill added up to a whopping $15,911.

Jackie told Kyle that it was “such a waste of money,” but Kyle who has a lavish lifestyle wasn’t concerned.

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Posting to Instagram, fans weren’t impressed.

“More money than sense,” said one user.

“Really? In a time where people can’t work or afford their bills @kyleandjackieo?” added a second.

“Can he please donate that same amount to me please, times are tough,” one fan commented.

“I get that Kyle wants to park wherever and doesn’t care about the fine but it just props the govt revenue up more!!!!,” said another, adding a few annoyed-face emojis.

The star reportedly earns $5 million per year, and drives a $380,000 Bentley.

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