Joel Creasey’s Men’s Health body transformation

Joel Creasey has revealed the results of his 12-week body transformation.

The comedian partnered with Men’s Health and celebrity trainer Jono Castano and “traded his wit for fit”, dropping 12kg of body fat and gaining 4kg of muscle.

“I was working out for two hours a day,” Creasey says in the new edition of Men’s Health which hits newsstands tomorrow. “I would do the PT session and then leave to do a jog or a swim. It took me a while to be comfortable enough even to put on Speedos again and go to the pool.

“The first six weeks was just a lot of working out in the gym,” he continued. “And then for the last six weeks I cut out alcohol and started slowly eliminating things until I got down to the final two weeks where we were really finessing things. I was slowly taking things out, so I wasn’t going cold turkey.”

Creasey, who hosts Nova’s national drive show Kate, Tim and Joel, found the workouts especially gruelling given how much he travels for work.

“I was back and forth between Sydney and Melbourne three or four times a week,” he tells Men’s Health. “Some days, I’d fly into Sydney, take my suitcase to training or I’d do a class in Melbourne in the morning, fly to Sydney, train, go to work in my gym gear, do the radio show and go home.

“When I was doing those long days, I was quite tired by the time it came to 3pm. On the afternoon show on Nova I didn’t have a lot to say. But about three weeks into the hardcore training, my energy began to pick up until it just felt like part of my daily routine.”

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Taking his shirt off for the Men’s Health shoot was a big deal for Creasey who says in the magazine that he struggled with his body image growing up.

“I was a state swimmer in high school and then I gave up competing because I didn’t want to go shirtless,” he says. “I went to an all-boys school and I stopped participating in school swimming carnivals because the thought of taking my shirt off … was terrifying.

“I was the last boy to grow armpit hair. I was very self-conscious about that. I stopped going to PE classes because I was embarrassed about by body.”

The comedian admits in the magazine that he won’t be able to keep up with the daily two-hour workouts, but he will stick with some of his new healthy habits.

“I’ll continue going to train, jog and swim and I’ll continue going to Rise,” Creasey says. “It probably won’t be at the level I am now because that’s just not practical, and I was having to approach it like a job. But I think the bulk of it will stay.

“The eating will absolutely stay healthy. [And] just all the little tweaks I’ve made and the new habits that I’ve formed, like swapping to a long black coffee and not eating right before bed, all those little things will definitely be staying.

“What won’t stay? I won’t be going to the gym on a Sunday morning at 7am, that’s for sure. I probably won’t get a spray tan ever again. Probably.”

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