Jock Zonfrillo stuns contestants with crayfish demonstration

There’s no doubt that the contestants of MasterChef Australia feel incredibly blessed every time they get a masterclass.

However, a clip shared with shows that Monday’s masterclass lesson with Jock Zonfrillo has them even more excitable than usual.

Jock gives a mini masterclass on how to get the most out of a crayfish, separating the head, ovaries, legs, stomach, tomalley, and tail. He stresses the importance of trying to minimise waste by using as much as the cray as possible.

Some of the contestants couldn’t hide their excitement when Jock displayed just how much of the crayfish could be used.

“Oh my God, YES,” Tommy yelled into the camera. “I love it when Jock shows us how to do things.

“I just realised that there is so much more to a crayfish that I don’t know, like there is tripe, ovaries … there’s a stomach,” Tommy continued.

Fellow contestant Brent was incredibly inspired by Jock.

“Jock’s demo … it’s starting to make me think a bit differently than to just pulling the cray tail off and putting it on the BBQ.”

However, the masterclass isn’t the only part of the episode.

It’s a new week at MasterChef and the contestants are out of the kitchen, thrilled to be in Apollo Bay on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.

The Top 14 are at the Victorian capital of the Southern Rock Lobster, with fisherman Russell arriving in his fishing trawler bringing his fresh crayfish catch onto the pier.

Judge Melissa Leong tells the contestants that they want to see them pair into teams of two and prepare cray two ways – one familiar dish and one inventive dish – utilising the freshly caught crayfish. They’ll have 75 minutes to produce both dishes and will have an open pantry to help.

The two teams who produce the least impressive dishes will head into tomorrow’s elimination challenge.

To see who will be in that elimination challenge, tune into MasterChef at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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