Inked? Here’s How You Can Dress to Show Off Your Tattoos


Getting permanent ink on your body is the ultimate feeling for many. At the same time, many of you might be thinking of using it as a fashion accessory. While it might be easy to wear anything for the day but if you are paying no attention to the colors or shading, you won’t be able to add the required pop in your ink.

It’s time to put a little bit of thought into your wardrobe and start dressing to accentuate your tattoo. In this post, you’ll get all the necessary prerequisites on “how to dress” to show off your permanent ink in style.

After all, they are like your permanent fashion accessory. Isn’t it? So, let’s get started!

Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Wardrobe

First things first, colors play an essential part in bringing your tattoos to the spotlight. For example, if you have a tattoo with vibrant colors, try, and pair them with neutrals. You can also use colors from your tattoos and pair them with similar accessories to increase the visual appeal.

If you have black and grey ink, wear colors that will bring out those designs. Usually, monochrome outfits work well with such tattoos. And if you happen to have hair color as well, try and pick the colors that will highlight the entire dress.

But that’s not all!

You need to consider the following factors when thinking about adding dresses to your wardrobe. Do you know what that could be? Well! If not, let’s help you with those as well.

The Theme of Your Permanent Ink

If you went for a tattoo with Japanese-style imagery, wearing an Asian-inspired dress will be a great way to create a cohesive look. Traditional ink patterns or styles look amazing with modern clothing styles, thereby accentuating the entire get-up.

The Location of Your Tattoo

Your ink’s location is another factor that plays a crucial role in considering what type of clothing you should opt for. You can even choose hemlines, back lines, or sleeves based on how you wish to show off your tattoo. Ensure that the hem of your Tattoo Art Shirts or pants doesn’t cut the images at weird angles.

And if you have your back inked, try and pick a backless top or dress. Another way to highlight your sleeves is opting for tank tops. And skirts go amazingly well if you wish to show off your leg tattoos.

Wrapping up

It goes without saying that you’ll have paid a lot of money to get that beautiful artwork on your body. So, won’t it be good to put some limelight on it to the best of your ability? This is why you must choose the dresses or styles that help you put together everything rather than just haphazardly picking dresses by complimenting them with the colors alone.

Don’t you want to look your best? And don’t you want to show off your art as well? So, please think about all the elements mentioned above before choosing dresses for your wardrobe.

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