About us

About Us

We started Elvis wangari blog sharing powerful messages because we want not only to motivate you but to inspire to take action towards your dreams on a daily basis. The way to empower you is through information in different aspects of your life.

We challenge ourselves to view different, to do different, to go to lean into our anxieties and act with intention.

With over 20,000+ plays a week on major streaming programs, Elvis Wangari empowers 1000s of people to live life with intention and purpose.

Our goal is to connect human beings seeking authenticity and truth.

To put it differently, the mission behind Elvis Wangari presence is to empower you to simply take RESPONSIBILITY for their existing circumstances: financially, emotionally, and mentally. This will allow you to take ACTION into improving those areas every single day.

There is nothing better than providing you with the right information and also messages from the people who have had massive success in life.

Our core beliefs:

  1. We believe in everyone’s and everything’s immense potential.
  2. Our beliefs shape our activities and our actions shape our future.
  3. No conformity.
  4. Realistic and doers.
  5. Dreaming and growing beyond conventional.

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